16 June 2006

Argentina, Si!

While I'm hopeful that Team USA can get their act together for tomorrow's World Cup match against Italy, I'm sure glad that our Group E doesn't go against the winners of Group C. Everyone talks about the wonders of the Brazilians, but Argentina is looking like a complete team and perhaps the strongest side after beating Ivory Coast and then thumping Serbia+Montenegro this morning 6-0. Ouch.

Now with the second set of first-round games underway, things are really getting interesting. With England, France, Germany, even Brazil seeming to lack some luster, Argentina, Spain, and Portugal look like they might be the teams to beat. And all those teams facing possible elimination (USA, Iran, Ghana, Croatia) and the strong underdogs (Saudi Arabia, Trinidad, Korea) will bring emotional intensity in coming matches. How can you not love this tournament?

Gotta go do radio now. Catch the webstream -- world music makes a great soundtrack while you watch the Netherlands-Ivory Coast match.

By the way, National Geograpic has a nice section on The World's Game. And check out this music playlist of songs about The Beautiful Game.

Viva Futbol!

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Anonymous said...

si viva el futbol,
grande diegote!!