21 June 2006

The Elephants Shed the Blues

The Elephants of Ivory Coast finally shed their deep deep World Cup funk. It was too late for them to advance to the tournament's knockout rounds, but just in time to show some pluck against the Plavi (Blues) of Serbia & Montenegro (for whom this was their last game together, due to Montenegro's recent vote for independence). Sure, it took two penalties, but those were deserved, as S&M's defenders were flapping their arms about like crazed chickens. Whole lot of intentional hand balls in today's games...

So some music from Ivory Coast to celebrate. Meiway (born Frederic Desire Ehui) is little-known in the USA, though he's a superstar in his native land. Lusafrica has his biography. We've got his music.

[mp3] Meiway: "Babayere"
from the album Extraterrestre (buy)

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