10 June 2006

Hang It

PANArt Hang, 2nd generation (2007)Image via WikipediaNo, it's not a spaceship.

We mentioned the hang drum earlier, so here's a little more on it. First, it's crucial that you experience this one in person. I'll include some sound links, but there's nothing like seeing, hearing, and playing this instrument for yourself.

It is, as you can see, round and metallic. It's got tuned dimples on one side (steel drum sound), and a hole on the other side (udu sound). It comes in all kinds of tunings (45 different ones, at last count). And it is made in a little factory in Switzerland (though their official website seems a bit anemic at present).

How do you play this contraption?

The instrument is played with the hands. Udu-like sounds are produced with the air resonance, the sounds of the clamped shallow shells sound like bells or harmonically tuned steelpans. The inner note on the bottom dome is the bass note, and when played in a dampened way allows change in pitch like a talking drum. Seven to nine notes are tuned harmonically around a central deep note.

[mp3] hang audio sample

An increasing number of artists are incorporating the hang into their music, or even making it their primary instrument. I've heard it in the hands of Joseph "Pepe" Danza and local percussion troupe Planet Percussion. Some samples from other hang artists (click artist name for website, click song title for mp3):

[mp3] Gidda: "Sunflower"
[mp3] Omri Hason: "Hangama"
[mp3] Alan Tower: "This Idea Can Save the Planet"
[mp3] Davide Swarup: "Echo"
[mp3] Indijika: "Hunahau"

And then there's this album at CDBaby.com: Bhanu: Hang Drum Music

You can find a page of different hang tunings (with audio samples) at flutekey.com. Hope this satisfies (or further feeds) your hang curiosity. And if you have a hang and aren't using it, send it to me right away.

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P.S. Let this post serve as an indication that the World Cup has not completely taken over SoundRoots for the next month. Sure, the cynical among you might say that today is an aberration due to the fact that the England-Paraguay match doesn't start for another nine minutes. But you'd be wrong; small parts of our brain are still engaged with thoughts about eating, music, perhaps even work. That said, it's just eight minutes now, so I gotta go.

Okay, one more soccer thing first. Worldcupblog.org has some great tidbits, including this important factoid:
"Paraguay celebrates 'Childrens Day' on August 16 and all the grade-school age children get the day off to go play football." So look out, England!
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Anonymous said...

I am interested in buying a hang, where can I buy it in bern (contact address if possible)? or either buying one second hand?
many thanks

SpinTheGlobe said...

Karla -
Oddly, distribution of the hang drum seems to be shrinking, even as demand for it grows. According to Rexton, you will have to order direct from the Swiss makers of the instrument, or go to the factory yourself. Their website seems to be dead, so your best bet is to try emailing or phoning, if you can't get there in person.

Engehaldenstr. 131
CH-3012 Bern
Tel / Fax 0041 (0)31 301 33 32
email: info@hang.ch

Anonymous said...


I did send an email to the makers, and received a response, and the information in the previous comment is a direct quote from the email.

Anonymous said...

Well, since you hotlink to my soundclip (which is fine) :-) I thought I'd post the page URL, there's about 45 other scales to listen to, as well as a link to a youtube video I did on a morning news show promoting a Didgeridoo Festival, played along with two didgeridoo players: oddmusic hang page

Sup said...

Beautiful instruments. And a true shame that they're so hard to get hold of. The only silver lining being that there are a few other people now starting to make very similar instruments. Such as the Caisa and the Halo: http://www.hangdrumsandhandpans.com/2010/10/alternatives-to-hang-drum-for-sale-halo.html

Anonymous said...

Sadly, none of the links to MP3s work any more.

SpinTheGlobe said...

Sadly, you're right, Anon... Except for the first sample. I've tweaked the post to reflect the dead links. And as another commenter said, there are more hang samples at http://www.oddmusic.com/gallery/om16250.html