09 June 2006

Let the Upsets Begin

Well, the Ticos didn't quite come through. (Oh, sorry -- I'm talking about the World Cup again. Get used to it.) Costa Rica wasn't able to start the tournament off with a big upset against the hosts. And while I was on the radio at the time and unable to watch the game, I kept an eye on the score and was impressed that they notched a couple goals in their loss.

I've got nothing against Germany (in fact, I've spent some lovely time there), but I'm always a sucker for the underdog. So I was delighted to see that in the second match, Ecuador (#39) did in Poland (#29)*. You can guess that I'll be pulling in general for the lower ranked team. Or for the USA. Or for the Western Hemisphere teams. Or the team with the more inspired play. I'd like to say I'm fully informed about the teams, but I don't regularly get a chance to watch international play. I'll have to watch a few games before I share my favorites.

I'll be closely watching Mexico, Japan, Iran, Ivory Coast, Tunesia, and of course the USA. More on all that soon, depending on results. And depending on the cable guy coming to hook me up as scheduled on Tuesday.

For now, I leave you with a song from Scotland (#59). Oh, the Scots? They didn't make the trip to Germany. And they don't have such a great World Cup record.

Despite qualifying five times for the FIFA World Cup, Scotland have never survived the first round. In 1954 and 1958 they finished last in their group. In 1974 the unlucky Scots were eliminated on a goal difference of one, Brazil scraping through into the second round instead. [read team profile]

As Jim Malcolm (almost-former lead singer/guitarist of the Old Blind Dogs) likes to say, "It's Disaster For Scotland!" So he wrote this (unreleased) song for those on the losing side of the World Cup.

[mp3] Jim Malcolm: "Hurtin' in Berlin"

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*The FIFA rankings, by the way, arguably mean very little, and even less once the tournament begins. Still, it's a fun yardstick to measure teams. So get off my back already. And watch for more soccer (okay, football) songs throughout the tournament.


zeroshek said...

are you a fukin' idiot? the match was not even close

SpinTheGlobe said...

Dearest Zeroshek:

Thanks so much for your visit. I should like to make two points.

1. If you'll read the original post closely, you'll see that I mention I was "unable to watch the game." And nowhere did I mention that that match was close; I merely noted that Costa Rica had notched a couple goals.

2. SoundRoots tends to frown upon profanity, not because we're old-fashioned prudes, but because of the opportunity costs. Just think of what you could have said instead. Next time, show a little more creativity. For example:

"Are you an ill-informed gasbag?"


"Your interpretation of the result is shakier than Marcelo Balboa's color commentary."

And for the record, a soccer-savvy acquaintance of mine who DID watch the match asserted that Germany's defense was shaky, and he doesn't expect them to get beyond the second round. His words, not mine.


Alex -S- said...

As a long suffering, ever loyal and ever hopeful Scotland fan - thanks for the shout out and the tune!!

One of these days we'll make it again - until then -at least we have "Scotland" playing for Trinidad and Tobago - and if they can beat England along the way -that'll more than make up for our not being there.

Keep up the good work - awesome blog incudentally.

(Supporting 31 teams in the tourney - guess which one i'm not following :)

SpinTheGlobe said...

Hey Alex -
Thanks for the kind words. My own roots are in Scotland, so I have a certain affinity for the place. Sure would be nice if they could muster up a few wins and get into the Cup! But I'm glad you find some cheer in Jim's song. And thanks for the reminder of T&T's Scotland -- I've heard about him but haven't seen him yet, 'cause I missed their defiant stand yesterday against (an overconfident?) Sweden. Chalk one up for the little guys!