18 June 2006

Little Prayers from Sara Tavares (CD Review)

Sara Tavares: Balancé
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Winning two major musical prizes at age 16 might spoil some artists, but Sara Tavares took it all in stride. Her earlier music (including an album produced by Lokua Kanza) reportedly leaned toward gospel, soul, and funk. On the self-produced Balancé, Lisbon-based Tavares looks toward her family's roots in Cape Verde. Playing many of the instruments herself, she builds subtle, joyful songs that show how much of the island spirit still lives within her, assimilated through annual trips to Cape Verde.

Some songs are bittersweet, reflecting both her joy at life and a difficult childhood after being abandoned by her parents. On " Planeta Sukri (Sugar Planet)" Tavares blends reggae with coladeira (a Cape Verdean style made popular by Cesaria Evora). “The poem of this song can be seen as a love poem,” she Tavares. “I am saying ‘Take me to a sugar planet, take me to place where there is no sadness, no cries. And this place is inside of you and me and everyone.’ I mean it more in a spiritual way than a romantic way. The ballads are very much like little prayers.” Balancé includes a sparse duet with fado star Ana Moura ("De Nua"), and another with Boy Ge Mendes ("Planeta Sukri"). This beautiful, subtle album is easily among the best "world music" releases of 2006.

Tavares was also featured recently on The World's Global Hit, which you can download as an mp3.


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