12 June 2006

Monday's mp3: Dear God - Send Goals

You know it's a bad day for your team when you're hoping they'll play like the Australians. No offense to my Aussie friends, and big kudos to the Socceroos, who showed great fortitude in their game against Japan this morning. I just wish that come-from-behind spirit had been taken to heart by team USA. Instead, we got a lackluster appearance, in which they never seemed to learn that they couldn't chip the ball over the huge Czech defense. Arrrrgh!

So Jim Malcolm might as well be singing "Hurtin' In Berlin" for us. The good news is that the USA had a lot of good play in midfield, and that the Czechs certainly didn't dominate the way you might expect a #2 rated team to do. The bad news was the US finishing, which they apparently left in their hotel. Hope they find it before Italy June 17. Otherwise those little hotel soaps may be their only reward for the trip to Germany.

So I'm in need of a little pick-me-up. And I turn to this little musical pep-talk from the 1998 World Cup, fully of catchy hooks.

[mp3] Jamaica United: "Rise Up"
From the 1998 album Music Of The World Cup - Allez! Ola! Olé!

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Anonymous said...

cool song! This WC is soo exciting.

Thanks. :)