26 June 2006

Monday's mp3: Molten Flamenco

I've been a big Ojos de Brujo fan since first hearing a single from their album Bari. Now, after doing the Bari remix thing, they have a new album out, called Techari. While I haven't got the full album yet, the advance singles I've heard suggest that ODB haven't lost their edge as flamencotronics pioneers. Here are a few translated lyrics to this song, "Sultanas de Merkaillo" followed by the song itself:

A taste of crystal water is what I want
Fountains of the Moorish Alhambra for my insides
Bonfires of affection without possessions
Ay! we are the homeless of a thousand loves

Dunes and fine sand of golden copper
Raise the speckled and violet dawn
Sultanas of the street and the bustle
Fire and hot metals of a thousand songs

[mp3] Ojos de Brujo: "Sultanas de Merkaillo"
from the album Techari
band site: ojosdebrujo.com

World Cup notes: Australia put in a stout game this morning, and I was saddened by their inability to poke in a goal even with a man advantage. And the ending of the game was fortuitous for the Italians, but since they conceded the run of play even before they lost Materazzi to a red card (Australia had 60% of the possession!), I don't expect the Italians to progress unless they can up their game in a big way. Kudos to the Socceroos for a great fight -- the world of Oz should be proud.
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