19 June 2006

Monday's mp3: Togo Takes Out the Fences

Togo's World Cup match with Switzerland is underway as I write, and it looks like they could use a little musical inspiration. So here's a tune from Togolese singer/musician Yawo.

"Up With People" veteran Yawo started his music career in his native Togo, studying flute, electric bass, and classical guitar. The title of this album might refer to his musical influences as much as the world harmony he so clearly desires. Yawo's feel-good Afropop music straddles the walls between African, pop, jazz, and reggae. Singing in a mix of English and African languages, he calls for freedom, justice, and more bodies on the dance floor. And I'm sure wherever he is, he's watching the game this morning and cheering for Les Eperviers (Sparrow Hawks).

[mp3] Yawo: "Take Out the Fences"
from the album Take Out the Fences

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chrome said...

thx earball. shaping up to be a tough second half with the swiss early goal. Adebayor deserved a penalty and the ref's decision is not on >:(

we watch