22 June 2006

Seu Jorge's Favela Pop

The varied landscape of Seu Jorge's musical world makes his music hard to map. He's over in the jungle one moment with the catchy, appropriately bouncy "Mania de Peitão (Large Chested Mania)" then it's a slow nightime stroll down a lonely sidewalk in his cover of Elvis's "Don't." Besides these and other cuts from his 2004/2005 sophomore album Cru ("Raw"), I haven't heard a lot of his work -- just a few of his Bowie covers from The Life Aquatic, and a track with BiD on Putumayo Presents Brazilian Lounge.

So who is "Mr. Jorge"? Born in a Rio favela in 1970, he's become a popular purveyer of samba-pop. His songs frequently feature simple guitar and voice, though he also brings in Brazilian percussion, cuica, bass, even synth and electronica. And he's dipped into dance music as on this collaboration with Forro in the Dark.

[mp3] Forro in the Dark feat. Seu Jorge: "Suor De Pele Fina (Mawglee's Breaks)"
More song samples from Mr Bongo: Carolina | Chega no Suingue

Seu Jorge performs tonight at Neumos in Seattle. It's a 21+ show at 8pm, $25 at the door. More info at neumos.com or seujorge.com

World Cup notes:
The dream is over. The uninspired play of team USA (along with some highly questionable officiating) brought an early end to the dreams of a largely soccer-apathetic nation. My homeland joins the 16 teams that will head home before the knockout round of the tournament begins. But I'm starting to form new favorites. Australia showed great resiliance in another oddly officiated match, mustering a tie with Croatia to put them in second place in Group F. And my heart will be with Ghana now, the only African team progressing in the tournament, though they now have a daunting match with Brazil coming up next. Tomorrow, I'm dreaming of upsets and excitement: Togo over listless France, S. Korea over so-so Switzerland, Tunesia over inconsistent Ukraine, and, in a rare concession to reality, Spain to trounce spirited Saudi Arabia. Yes, I realize I renounced predictions a few days ago. These aren't predictions, but rather suggestions.
Finally, SoundRoots reader Paul needs your help.

I was wondering if you could possibly help me locate a song. I was recently traveling through Spain, in the region of Catalunya, and would constantly hear this one song in the discotheques, commercials, and radio. Now the fun part; trying to describe the song. I'm pretty sure it was a Spanish song, not merengue or salsa, but very well could be a remix. It was more dance and it had whistling in it. Like a 4 beat whistle over and over after each chorus. Does this sound familiar? Can't recall any of the lyrics since I don't speak much Spanish. It could be a very dated song.

Any help you could give me would be awesome! This song is kind of the theme song from my trip for some reason. I'm not big into dance music, but when I would hear it, especially on the car ride to the airport to come home, a flood of emotions hit me.

Ring any bells? Leave a comment or email me if you think you might know this song. Remember -- if you do leave a non-anonymous comment (or question or observation) you'll be entered into SoundRoots' June CD giveaway! Up for grabs is the CD Le Voyage de Sahar by Anouar Brahem.
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Happy In Bag said...

I'm of no help at all here. But I have a question of my own. I'm seeking authentic, traditional Portugese fado music- not contemporary stuff, and not scratchy roots recordings. I want the music you'd hear in an authentic fado cafe in Lisbon on any given night. Can anyone recommend a CD or two?

Anonymous said...

The Song is by Bob Sinclar, Love Generation. It was the theme Song for World Cup 2006.

Anonymous said...

Paul: Did you anyone ever find out the name of this song? I think I heard the same song, and I'm going crazy trying to find it! I heard it in the Czech Republic, but it seems like it's the same one. It definitely wasn't Bob Sinclair...