17 June 2006

The Sharp Horns of the Black Antelopes...

My Mexican friends, I feel for you. And yet, I'm also thrilled at Angola's Black Antelopes getting their first World Cup point by forcing a draw in yesterday's match. Along with Trinidad vs. Sweden, it proves that ties can indeed be exciting. And Angolan keeper Joao Ricardo (remarkably, not signed to any club team!) was highly deserving of his man of the match honor earned by making several astounding saves in the face of a fierce and desperate Mexican attack. Too bad Ivory Coast couldn't finish their comeback against the Netherlands. Still, a good day for Africa. And Mexico will have to do better to advance in the tournament, facing a tough Portugal on Wednesday.

Today, all possible extremities are crossed for the USA team. But first the drama of Portugal vs. Iran and the Czechs vs. Ghana.

For you World Cup trivia buffs, the NYT has a list of team nicknames (and a vigorous discussion thereon), and soccerblog.com has a list of (often uninspiring) team slogans. And soccer fans must check out this highlight video, particularly the keeper's save at about 1:40 into the video. Is that for real?

And yes, there's music in the air. We haven't forgotten the pleasures of world music in light of such wonderful sporting entertainment. Here's some USA-based world music for your enjoyment... a soundtrack to enjoy to the glory (we pray!) of a re-invigorated (we hope!) Team USA.

[mp3] Taarka: "Tutu Tango"
band site: taarka.com | buy Taarka's CD Even Odd Bird

[mp3] Brothers of the Baladi: "Miserlou"
band site: baladi.com | from the album Presence of the Past

[mp3] Cuchata: "Nueva"
band site: cuchata.com | buy Cuchata's self-titled CD

[mp3] Antibalas: "Hypocrite"
band site: antibalas.com | from the album Talkatif

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