30 June 2006

World Cup Music Melee, part 1

Just six games left in the Cup (and only 5 that really matter)! It's going by so very fast. The bright side is that we're down to a manageable number of teams, which means it's time for the World Cup Music Melee. Yes, my friends, competition on the field is one thing. But what happens when you put these countries up against each other musically?

England vs. Portugal
England has a great folk tradition, and lots of immigrant music. It's the home of dance bhangra and the Asian underground, fer heaven's sake. But Portugal has even more of a crossroads feel, with music from former colonies Angola and Cape Verde topping my list of aural goodies.
[mp3] England: Horace X "Strategy" from Strategy
[mp3] Portugal: General D, Funk'N Lata "Sobi Esse Pano, Mano" from Onda Sonora: Red Hot + Lisbon

Brazil vs. France
Brazil is a musical as well as soccer (futbol) powerhouse. Playing for their side are Pele, Gilberto Gil, Ronaldinho, Rosa Passos, Emerson, Chico Cesar... The list seems endless. But France is no slouch. Politically France has struggled with the concept of immigration, but musically immigrants have blessed the nation with sounds from North Africa and beyond, as integrated in the sounds of Lo'Jo.
[mp3] Brazil: DJ Dolores "Matilha (Pack Of Dogs)" from Aparelhagem

[mp3] France: Lo'Jo "Petit Homme" from Ce Soir Là

And there's the opening whistle, and the competition is on...

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JF said...

I love the world cup music angle. Really cool keep up the good work