02 June 2006

World Music Top 10 - June 2006

SoundRoots / Spin the Globe Top 10 Albums
June 2006

1. Sara Tavares:

2. Salif Keita:
3. KAL:
4. Chirgilchin:
5. Descemer Bueno:
Siete Rayo
Richard Bona: Tiki
7. Orchestre Baka Gbine:
Gati Bongo
8. Tony Allen:
9. Word-Beat:
The Soul Dances
10. Fantazia:
Mul Sheshe

A boatload of new releases just docked, so check back soon for fresh reviews and opinions. In the stack: The Rough Guide to Planet Rock, Orchestre Baka Gbine (the African half of Baka Beyond), Justin Vali, KAL, Tony Allen, Tasa, Etran Finatawa, and more.

Spin The Globe's show on Indonesian music is now online. Listen here (120 min.; first hour is Indonesian music, second hour is mostly new releases). You can also stream the show in your browser, if you don't want to download the whole 55.2 MB file).
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