02 June 2006

World Music Top 10 - June 2006

SoundRoots / Spin the Globe Top 10 Albums
June 2006

1. Sara Tavares:

2. Salif Keita:
3. KAL:
4. Chirgilchin:
5. Descemer Bueno:
Siete Rayo
Richard Bona: Tiki
7. Orchestre Baka Gbine:
Gati Bongo
8. Tony Allen:
9. Word-Beat:
The Soul Dances
10. Fantazia:
Mul Sheshe

A boatload of new releases just docked, so check back soon for fresh reviews and opinions. In the stack: The Rough Guide to Planet Rock, Orchestre Baka Gbine (the African half of Baka Beyond), Justin Vali, KAL, Tony Allen, Tasa, Etran Finatawa, and more.

Spin The Globe's show on Indonesian music is now online. Listen here (120 min.; first hour is Indonesian music, second hour is mostly new releases). You can also stream the show in your browser, if you don't want to download the whole 55.2 MB file).


jmasterson said...

Wow, it's cool to see Word-Beat: The Soul Dances on your list the last 3 months. How do you determine the ratings?

I am a particular fan of Tom Teasley and Charles Williams. Truth be told, they live in my neighborhood. Tom actually asked me to book him at local venue to do a community fundraiser. He ended up performing 3 times and bringing in $3,800 for a children's center.

I agreed to help him because I totally dig his music. Talk about the unexpected! One concert he played this space-ship like steel drum. Next concert he had these two guys who played huge seashell horns and didgeridoo -- yes the foghorn sounding log hollowed by termites. From Down Under.

Discovering this awesome, funky constantly-reinventing-music artist has been like discovering a new creature on the Galapagos. When I spun the CD my kids stopped playing and started jumping up and down and dancing.

Charles dishes out these African proverbs of wisdom. Tom pours on layers of rhythm. His friends add jazz flute and slide trombone. Food for thought, a beat for dancing, spicy sounds from all over the world. You might be glad to discover it too.

SpinTheGlobe said...

I love the image of a musician as a new Galapagos creature. Your descriptions of the music are right on. I haven't actually met Tom and Charles, though I had a chance to talk with them (by phone) on my radio show, and they were like brothers -- teasing each other and laughing a lot, but clearly with an amazingly strong bond.

You know, I recently had another artist perform live on my show, and he played one of those "space-ship like steel drums" of which you speak. Unless I'm mistaken, you're referring to a "hang" -- a stainless steel sandwich made in Switzerland. I'll have to post some hang music sometime -- it's a wonderful instrument.

Oh, and the charts? They're an artistic blend of radio play, listener response, personal preference, and global juju. All very scientific. Thanks for your visit, and your comments!