04 June 2006

World Sound All Around

I keep collecting links and free mp3s in my Web wanderings, so today it's a virtual spring cleaning, and you're invited.

Music Blogs
Djan's World of Oddities collects Bollywood, Turkish, exotica, progressive rock, and other such LPs. Sabadabada posts Brazilian LPs fully but infrequently. You can find Brazilian, lounge, even elevator music at Phil Musical's Lounge Corner. "Queasy Listening" is the theme of Unpleasant.org, which provides gems including Japanese and Caribbean tourist albums and Leonard Nimoy both singing and narrating. Oy! Kiddie Records boast nothing akin to world music (unless you count The Jungle Book), but who could resist playing "The Cask of Amontilardo" or some Grimm fairy tales for the youngsters in their life? Love Bollywood? Then check out BollySongs.com for a huge amount of music.

[mp3] Brothers of the Baladi "Miserlou"
[mp3] Brothers of the Baladi "Raqs Leyla"
[mp3] Brothers of the Baladi "Presence of the Past"
free mp3 tracks from the Portland Oregon-based Middle-Eastern band's new album Presence of the Past

[mp3] Cuchata "Tembelece"
[mp3] Cuchata "El Maldito"
[mp3] Cuchata "Mi Amor"
[mp3] Cuchata "Reina De Guagu
[mp3] Cuchata "Nueva"
[mp3] Cuchata "Sistema Mayoridad"

Seattle-based Cuchata (once known as Machete) is an up-and-coming Latin/Alt-Latin band with great promise. The last two songs are from a forthcoming album. Check them out at cuchata.com

[mp3] Alma Villegas "Soy Antillana"
[mp3] Alma Villegas "Quizas"
[mp3] Alma Villegas "Mi Tierra"
[mp3] Alma Villegas "Llorona"
[mp3] Alma Villegas "So Nice"
Also Seattle-based, Alma Villegas was born in Mexico. She has sung with Cambalache, one of Seattle's salsa institutions, and recently created her own band with her own sounds. More at almavillegas.com Speaking of Cambalache....

[mp3] Cambalache "La Muerte"
[mp3] Cambalache "Don Goyo"

[mp3] Raquy and the Cavemen:
Raquy and the Cavemen: "Riq Samai"
[mp3] Raquy and the Cavemen: "Nubian"
[mp3] Raquy and the Cavemen: "Shashkin"
I've heard Raquy Danziger called the best female dumbek player around. Offhand, I can't think of a lot of competition for this title, and I haven't seen her play so I don't have a basis for first-hand comment. But her work with the Cavemen has some compelling rhythm. These cuts are from the album Jordan.

[mp3] Children of Aveba: "Song 1"
[mp3] Children of Aveba: "Song 2"
[mp3] Children of Aveba: "Song 3"
Save The Children posted these tracks, with this explanation: "Suzanne Fisher, a journalist with Save the Children, recently traveled to the Aveba disarmament camp, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The camp helps children who have been associated with armed groups begin the process of returning to civilian life. Suddenly a group of children started to sing. They were not members of a choir and had no formal musical training. However they knew the same songs and performed them in perfect five part harmony for Suzanne, who had basic recording equipment with her."

That should be plenty to keep your ears busy today. And finally, while SoundRoots doesn't much dig into reggae, we wanted to note the recent passing of the legendary Desmond Dekker.

[mp3] Desmond Dekker: "Pickney Gal"

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