17 July 2006

Monday's mp3: Kidjo Remixed

SoundRoots has amassed a wealth of oddities, live tracks, and remixes over the ages, and you'll increasingly see these showing up on Mondays for your listening pleasure. Today, it's African diva Angelique Kidjo. Her 2004 album Oyaya! is a fantastic mix of Caribbean (salsa, calypso, ska, merengue) and African styles. We're eager to find out what Kidjo will record next; in the meantime, here's a special treat that will please fans of beat. Ayemusic provides the song lyrics.

[mp3] Angelique Kidjo: "Conga Habanera (Jez Colin Remix Radio Edit)"
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Kidjo isn't just a pretty voice, by the way. She's deeply involved in a number of issues, and recently gave a concert to benefit Control Arms (see the video). And did a fundraiser for the Ubuntu Education Fund. And has worked for/with UNICEF, Oxfam, and for organizations promoting AIDS awareness and fair trade. It's great to see such a prominent musician leveraging her influence for positive social change as well as kick-ass music.

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Anonymous said...

she also performed at Live 8: Africa Calling, the all-African version of Live 8 in Cornwall, last summer. that was where i first saw/heard her, & was blown away.