10 July 2006

Monday's mp3: Salut D'Italia!

With a defense that held up for another 120+ minutes, a defense that in this entire tournament gave up only one own goal and one penalty kick goal, Italy hoisted the golden Cup today while France tried to figure out what went wrong, both with their team in general, and in Zidane's head specifically. Speculation about the latter aside, here's our final installment for the 2006 World Cup.

I've posted several Italian songs recently, and here are two different sounds, both from the album Travellin' Companion 2: A Musical Journey to Italy. First, Folkabbestia, who mix rock, tarantelle, canzone Italiana, Irish folk, and ska. Second, Daniele Sepe of Naples, who has played all manner of music and here combines rap and ragga with Italian folk traditions.

[mp3] Folkabbestia: "Azzurro"
[mp3] Daniele Sepe: "Raggatruffen"

Yesterday, a SoundRoots reader asked "Who knows the name of the song that was played in every stadium at the end of every game?"
Goleo IVi - World Cup 2006 album
Well, after extensive research, our crack team of investigators has uncovered the truth. It's a cover of a cover. Sort of. The Village People did a song called "Go West," which was then re-done by the Pet Shop Boys, and ultimately it became the song "Stand Up (Champions Theme)" done by Goleo VI & Patrizio Buanne. You can find this and related songs on the album Goleo VI, though it apparently has not been released here in the USA, the land of football non-believers.

How and why this disco-rooted song became the tune played at the end of every World Cup 2006 match remains something of a mystery. Can anyone shed some light on this?


red one said...

The tune to "Go West" has long been used by football fans in England for terrace chants - "stand up if you hate Man U", "one-nil to the Arsenal" etc.

I have a feeling that the use of Go West may actually have come from football fans elsewhere in Europe though. It may have migrated via European club football.

So Fifa/the German football authorities have just appropriated something already used by fans. The Goleo 6 "album" is a bit of world cup merchandising tat featuring "Goleo" - the largely ignored official lion mascot of the tournament. So someone is trying to make a fortune selling football fan culture back to the fans...

no surprise there, then.

SpinTheGlobe said...

Thanks, Red One. Good to have some background from a country that has a real football culture.

And from what I've heard of the official FIFA World Cup albums, they're mostly, as you say, merchandising. Perhaps one good song hidden amid the waves of over-orchestrated pop tunes from the day's big names.

One exception to this is the album Play Up (or at least parts of it). I'll have more on that shortly.

Anonymous said...

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