05 July 2006


A little something to listen to before/while you watch the World Cup semi-final match today.

[mp3] Paris Combo: "Danse des Espirits"
from the album Attraction

Strange France factoid: Pigs had to live by human laws in medieval France, where they were allowed to roam the streets. One was hanged in 1394, in Normandy, for injuring a child. A sow and her six piglets were accused of a similar crime in 1547. The sow was executed, but her family was spared because of what the judge said was their youth.

[mp3] Miguel Capucho: "Lisboa e Senpre Lisboa"
from the album Fado & Fadistas

Strange Portugal factiod: In the Festa de Sao Joao in June, everyone dances through the streets, hitting each other over the head with leeks. Also, Portugal captain Luis Figo had a pig's head thrown at him by furious Barcelona fans in 2002 after he left the club to join Real Madrid.

There. Now you're all ready for the match.

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Adrianna said...

Love this idea!! What's the music for Italy vs. France?