13 July 2006

So Chilled It's Lifeless...

SoundRoots tries to keep things on a generally positive note, reviewing and sharing music we like. We prefer to ignore rather than spotlight poor musical offerings. But this album review from RootsWorld.com has us reconsidering. For a brief review, it's so wonderfully clear, and pointed, and conclusive. And funny.

Various Artists: Chill Out World: The Highlands Edition

This compilation bears so little resemblance to actual world music, you would honestly get a more international musical experience by phoning a series of embassies and being put on hold. Each track is like flying to a different far off land, and never making it past the duty free shop. Everything has been sanitized and pre-packaged for your consumption. Except I'm using "consumption" in the tuberculosis sense. One can only assume that the producers spent so much time in the highlands, that hypoxia has damaged their brains.
- Louis 'please hold for an operator' Gibson

Don't be put off; you can find a lot of great music (and more complimentary reviews) at RootsWorld and sister site CDroots.


Anonymous said...

Well, here's something slightly more enjoyable: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5556475&ft=1&f=1044
It's NPR's Song of the Day by a band called Think of One. The song is Maria Chegou. Very fun!

SpinTheGlobe said...

Kate -
Thanks for the link -- Think Of One has been providing more than my "song of the day" since I got the album. Have been spinning it on my radio show, and highly recommend it for fans of Brazilian and global music. They are already on my July Top 10 (see http://soundroots.org/2006/07/world-music-top-10-july-2006.html) and I will try to post a review soon.