18 July 2006

This Is So Wrong...

How to handle ordinary everyday problems like a French football star. With a cute soundtrack.

Disclaimer: SoundRoots does not advocate the settling of disputes through violence, whether headbutting or missile attacks on neighboring nations. But we appreciate a good pointed parody now and then.

By the way, FIFA has heard testimony from both Zinedine Zidane and Italy's Marco Materazzi, and both have received suspensions. Since Zidane has retired from international play, he plans to serve his "sentence" by working for three days doing community service with youngsters. Let's hope he doesn't teach them what they all will be asking him about.

It's disturbing, though, that FIFA also suspenced Materazzi. Not that I think trash-talking should be condoned, but punishing it certainly opens up a can of worms. FIFA rules already ban ungentlemanly (or is that unsportspersonlike?) conduct. But imagine the ref trying to sort out a he-said, he-said argument on the pitch. Not to mention the responsibility of each player to be responsible for his/her own reaction to what happens during a match. I think Zidane has been sadly lacking in this regard, failing to apologize for his violent reaction, and justifying it in terms of defending family honor. Really, if he'd simply ignored Materazzi (and perhaps scored the winning goal or penalty kick), his family would have suffered much less dishonor than they face today. And it would have been a much more noble end to his career.

But that's just one guy's opinion. Read more about the FIFA verdict at BBC Sport.
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