12 July 2006

Where Are YOU From?

SoundRoots seems to be getting increasingly popular, with a surge in daily hits and many more sites linking to us. So we wanted to say thanks to all the regulars, and welcome to all the newcomers.

A few months back, we added a visitor map think to SoundRoots, and it's been fascinating to watch the little red dots display the location of our visitors (see example map at right from 9 July). While the majority of visitors originate in North America and Western Europe (presumably because of the abundance of computers and high-speed Internet access in these areas), SoundRoots has truly achieved a global presence. Visitors arrive here from all over Asia, South America, the Middle East, various islands....

If you're visiting from a small nation or otherwise lesser-known location, please take a moment to leave a comment and introduce yourself, your culture, your music.

Now, for your listening pleasure, a few songs gleaned from various places around the world.

from France
[mp3] Tapok: "Lot Bor Somin"
from the album Tapokopat

from Canada
[mp3] The Paperboys: "All Along the Watchtower"
their newest album is The Road to Ellenside

from Israel
[mp3] Elisete: "Capoeira"
from the album Luar e Cafe

from USA
[mp3] Taarka: "Tutu Tango"
their newest album is Even Odd Bird

from Jamaica
[mp3] Skatalites: "Fidel Castro"
a different version of this song appears on the double album Stretching Out

from Mexico
[mp3] Alma Villegas: "Quizas"
more artist/album info at almavillegas.com
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