12 July 2006

Where Are YOU From?

SoundRoots seems to be getting increasingly popular, with a surge in daily hits and many more sites linking to us. So we wanted to say thanks to all the regulars, and welcome to all the newcomers.

A few months back, we added a visitor map think to SoundRoots, and it's been fascinating to watch the little red dots display the location of our visitors (see example map at right from 9 July). While the majority of visitors originate in North America and Western Europe (presumably because of the abundance of computers and high-speed Internet access in these areas), SoundRoots has truly achieved a global presence. Visitors arrive here from all over Asia, South America, the Middle East, various islands....

If you're visiting from a small nation or otherwise lesser-known location, please take a moment to leave a comment and introduce yourself, your culture, your music.

Now, for your listening pleasure, a few songs gleaned from various places around the world.

from France
[mp3] Tapok: "Lot Bor Somin"
from the album Tapokopat

from Canada
[mp3] The Paperboys: "All Along the Watchtower"
their newest album is The Road to Ellenside

from Israel
[mp3] Elisete: "Capoeira"
from the album Luar e Cafe

from USA
[mp3] Taarka: "Tutu Tango"
their newest album is Even Odd Bird

from Jamaica
[mp3] Skatalites: "Fidel Castro"
a different version of this song appears on the double album Stretching Out

from Mexico
[mp3] Alma Villegas: "Quizas"
more artist/album info at almavillegas.com


Anonymous said...

I'm from China ,I like your blog and world music:)

SpinTheGlobe said...

Thanks for visiting, Nananne!

How about the rest of you? I'm particularly interested in the consisten visitor(s) from Mauritius! Would love to hear from more of you.

Juan Duque said...


Greetings from Medellín, Colombia.

Check out my site: