31 August 2006

(Global) Blog Day 2006

Thanks to alert SoundRoots reader Way, we know that today is Blog Day 2006. And since SoundRoots is all about sharing, we've taken the call to link to five other blogs as an excuse to spread our net far and wide, seeking a diverse group of voices talking about various facets of life on the planet.

In truth, BD06 sparked us to do some fresh surfing, resulting in new discoveries more than a recitation of our favorite blogs. While you should also check out the sites linked to the right under "Fertilizers," these five blogs should be of interest to anyone keen on global culture.

1. Healing Iraq: Blog written by a Iraqi-born dentist from the UK. Somewhere between a tourist and a local, author Zeyad gives an on-the-ground impression of the embattled nation, along with many photos.

2. Frog in a Well: A collaborative blog whose contributors explore Asian history and its contemporary ripples in China, Japan, and Korea.

3. Arjen Westra's African Weblog: Politics, news, photos, and culture from an African perspective. And he's not afraid to criticize Barak Obama.

4. Global Culture: Just found this blog of language, immigration, culture, race, and diversity. Among other things. Engaging writing, interesting links.

5. Finally, Corpwatch: While I thought of linking to the new blog of Michael Pollan (author of the wonderfully disturbing new book The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals), that's a paid part of the New York Times site. For free, you can catch Corpwatch's coverage of some of the same territory, namely corporate greed and corruption.

Happy Blog Day!

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