15 August 2006

If You Were Brazilian...

For a little good-natured global fun, check out BrazilName, and find out what your shirt would look like if you played for Brazil's national soccer team (and who hasn't had that dream?).

Your humble dj earball became Earbeca. Or, by an alternate spelling, Earbisco. Sounds like some sort of nutritious crunchy whole-grain snack for your ears. Which is pretty much the role of SoundRoots.

Radio show Spin The Globe becomes Globundo...I like that one! And SoundRoots becomes Soildo. Hmm.

Global Tidbits:
Recently discovered a page highlighting strange statues around the world. Some of them have to be seen to be believed, and others are outright unbelievable. Included are the delightful Fremont Troll, in a Seattle neighborhood I used to call home, and this fish out of water.

This morning's Democracy Now! included a segment on Thursday's release of political prisoners, including former Haitian Prime Minister Yvon Neptune and singer-activist Annette "So Anne" Auguste. The latter was jailed on on May 10, 2004, after US Marines broke down her door, shot her dogs, and handcuffed her five-year-old granddaughter, Shashou. So Anne had been in jail since then, without charges.

Sound Generator has posted an interview with Natacha Atlas, in which the world music singer lists her favorites musicians: Fairuz, Abdel Halim Hafez, Ravi Shankar on the western side Jocelyn Pook, Massive attack, Portishead, bad marsh and shree and the Gorillaz.

The World Music conference WOMEX has announced that their annual award -- honoring "musical excellence, social importance, commercial success, cultural or political impact, lifetime achievement - you name it" -- goes to Colombian artist Toto La Momposina. Says WOMEX:

The Afro-Colombian traditions in the Caribbean - Totó la Momposina's artistic career, indeed her entire life, has been dedicated to representing the music of her roots, while never shrinking from finding innovative ways of bringing it forward into the modern age. Through teaching, through composition, dance and performance, Totó's artistry manifests the fertile meeting ground of richly varied Colombian cultures: the African, the indigenous Indian and the Spanish. And in her, that music has found not only a treasured champion, but its greatest interpreter.

And if you're an artist intent on visiting Zanzibar, get your application in now for next February's Sauti za Busara (Sounds of Wisdom) Music Festival. Applications are due at the end of August.

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I just wanted to say great diverse blog here

I wish I was more organized, as I woula stopped by more frequently to reap the info & tunes.

I realized I musta been her before, since the name SoundRoots.org was embedded in a Meters mp3 I had posted to my own blog today...