01 August 2006

Legal CD Trading

A compact disc (CD) utilizing chalcogenide gla...I Hey, do any of you upstanding SoundRoots readers have any experience with la la, or perhaps a similar CD trading service? It sounds promising, particularly the promise of trading CDs you don't want for other (better) CDs, for just $1.75 a pop (that's $1 for la la, and $.75 for shipping). Kind of like Netflix for your old CDs.

I browsed through la la's site, and saw lots of world music there. But since each album includes a "have" and "want" button, I'd guess that their large catalog covers not what la la members actually are offering, but rather everything they could think of to include in their database. Wonder what they really have available (you apparently can't find out until you sign up).

I sometimes clear out less-enjoyed CDs from my collection on eBay, and I wonder if this or another such service might give a better return on those old albums. Anyone?
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