28 August 2006

Monday's mp3: Electro Côco's Brazilian Groove

Côco is the name of a traditional Brazilian music style where a singer is accompanied by rhythms from a pandeiro. But you get a lot more than just pandeiro with Netherlands-based Electro Côco. Hot on the heels of similarly funky Zuco 103, Electro Côco mixes samba, electronic beats, and bossa nova in a unique blend. Formed in 2003, the band is fronted by Surinam-born, Brazil-raised singer Jeannine La Rose, along with Alain Eskinasi (keyboard), Roel Callister (percussion), Mischa Kool (bass), and Ulrich de Jesus (guitar). This track (written by Chico Cesar and Tata Fernandes) is from a concert in the Oosterpoort, Gronigen, Netherlands recorded 15 January 2005.

[mp3] Electro Côco: "Palafitas (Live)"
Electro Côco contributed a track to the compilation Putumayo Presents Brazilian Groove
You might also check out the band's 2005 album Coco Do Mundo
More band info at www.electrococo.com
An aside on YouTubism: I like YouTube. Heck, there's a lot to like. Amusing antics, real (and embarassing) sides of politicians, music videos, even TV ads from other cultures. What I don't like is how some blogs seem to be using the site as a convenient content provider at the expense of, well, actually writing a blog. Won't happen here, but we will link to YouTube content every once in a while. Like for this Russian TV video of our favorite crazy world-blues band, NY-based Hazmat Modine.

It appears YouTube has three other HM songs from the same Russian show, all in vivid monochrome. Definitely worth watching. And Hazmat Modine's album Bahamut is available at CDBaby, and comes highly recommended by SoundRoots.

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