21 August 2006

Monday's mp3: Salif Keita Remixed

Devoted African music fans will undoubtedly know a fair amount about Malian singer Salif Keita. How he was born into a royal family. How he broke with tradition to become a musician, and how this decision, along with being an albino, caused him a fair amount of trouble. And how, despite the obstacles, he became a huge success, being dubbed "the golden voice of Mali" (or, more expansively, "the golden voice of Africa." He even was named Minister for Music and Culture -- though not in his own country, but in neighboring Guinea.

Keita's discography is quite extensive. His acoustic back-to-the-roots album Moffou is certainly a highlight. But since I earlier said I'll be bringing you unusual tracks and remixes, here's a remix of the track "Madan." Other remixes from the album are too heavey-handed for my taste, but this one preserves a lot of the original acoustic content, and the additions blend well. Also, there's plenty of Keita.

Friday is Keita's birthday, so give him (and yourself) the gift of purchasing and/or listening to his music this week!

[mp3] Salif Keita: "Madan (Remixed by Gekko)"
from Remixes from Moffou

More Salif Keita, including a "lost album" recorded in 1980 and released in 2005, available at salifkeita.spintheglobemusic.net

Keita's official site (in French)

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