06 August 2006

World Music Top 10: August 2006

SoundRoots / Spin the Globe Top 10 Albums
August 2006

1. Ska Cubano: ¡Ay Caramba!
2. Think of One:
3. KAL:
4. Habana Abierta:
5. Orchestre Baka Gbine:
Gati Bongo
Chirgilchin: Collectible
7. Sara Tavares:
8. Toumani Diabate's Symmetric Orchestra:
Boulevard de L'Independance
9. Salif Keita:
Various: Rough Guide to the Music of Malaysia

Asian Listening
Preparing for a radio show highlighting music from Asia this week, and thought I'd share a few tunes with you.

From Myanmar
[mp3] U Myint Maung and Daw Yi Yi Thant: "Maing Maing Mya"
from the album Mahagita

From Japan
[mp3] kuro_rancyu_ Jap: "Hokusai-Colores"
more from this band here

From India
[mp3] Sonu Nigam & Shreya Ghoshal: "Koi Tumsa Nahin"
from the Krrish soundtrack (discussed earlier on SoundRoots)

From Laos
[mp3] Luang Prabang City Orchestra: "Khab Thum"
more Lao classical mp3s here

From Indonesia
[mp3] Marsudi Raras: "Ketawang Mijil Wigaringtyas"
more of their music here

From China
[mp3] Su Pra K: "Chinese Olympiads"
more music here

From North Korea
[mp3] Korean People’s Army Concert Troupe: "The Song of the Dear Comrade Kim Jong Il "
more North Korean mp3s here

From Malaysia
[mp3] Mak Yong: "Kelantan Live"

And that's enough fun for today. Any recommendations of Asian artists?
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