06 August 2006

World Music Top 10: August 2006

SoundRoots / Spin the Globe Top 10 Albums
August 2006

1. Ska Cubano: ¡Ay Caramba!
2. Think of One:
3. KAL:
4. Habana Abierta:
5. Orchestre Baka Gbine:
Gati Bongo
Chirgilchin: Collectible
7. Sara Tavares:
8. Toumani Diabate's Symmetric Orchestra:
Boulevard de L'Independance
9. Salif Keita:
Various: Rough Guide to the Music of Malaysia

Asian Listening
Preparing for a radio show highlighting music from Asia this week, and thought I'd share a few tunes with you.

From Myanmar
[mp3] U Myint Maung and Daw Yi Yi Thant: "Maing Maing Mya"
from the album Mahagita

From Japan
[mp3] kuro_rancyu_ Jap: "Hokusai-Colores"
more from this band here

From India
[mp3] Sonu Nigam & Shreya Ghoshal: "Koi Tumsa Nahin"
from the Krrish soundtrack (discussed earlier on SoundRoots)

From Laos
[mp3] Luang Prabang City Orchestra: "Khab Thum"
more Lao classical mp3s here

From Indonesia
[mp3] Marsudi Raras: "Ketawang Mijil Wigaringtyas"
more of their music here

From China
[mp3] Su Pra K: "Chinese Olympiads"
more music here

From North Korea
[mp3] Korean People’s Army Concert Troupe: "The Song of the Dear Comrade Kim Jong Il "
more North Korean mp3s here

From Malaysia
[mp3] Mak Yong: "Kelantan Live"

And that's enough fun for today. Any recommendations of Asian artists?


Anonymous said...

My I ask why a group in Cambodia would name themselves after a city in Laos?

Whatever the origins, these tunes are hot. Thanks for digging them up.

SpinTheGlobe said...

Well, they wouldn't. But it's entirely possible that SoundRoots may have caused an unusual geographic shift, moving the city from one nation to another. In other words, we goofed. Thanks for the catch - will fix the reference. Thanks for your alert eyes!

Anonymous said...

There's loads of good Japanese music.
I'd recommend the groups SMAP and 'happatai' as their songs are fun.
Natsukawa Rimi is from Okinawa and she sings in both Okinawan and standard Japanese, her music is really relaxing and the lyrics are good too.

SpinTheGlobe said...

Thanks for the suggestions of Japanese/Okinawan artists. Haven't run across these artists yet, but will keep an eye out for them. I like the quirky and wonderful stuff I've heard from Okinawa (like An Chang Project) and would love to discover more.