07 September 2006

Tuku's in Town!

Leaving in a few minutes for the big city, where Oliver Mtukudzi is having a birthday party in the form of the opening show of a four-day, eight-show run at Jazz Alley. Don't know if there will be cake, but I'm counting on those unique Tuku "big voice" vocals, mbira-style Zimbabwean guitar, and general positive vibrations.

Tuku was born on this day in 1952, and he's one of those artists who not only makes great music, but also spends his time and resources helping out young musicians. Don't know when he has the spare time, since his complete discography includes something like 50 albums.

Long before the release of the film Tsotsi, Tuku was concerned with the plight of street kids, as he demonstrates on this English-language song. Happy Birthday, Tuku!

[mp3] Oliver Mtukudzi: "Street Kid"
from the 1994 album Ziwere MuKøbenhavn
Tuku mp3s

Update: Lies, lies lies! I've been deceived by persons unknown, my friends, and I inadvertantly passed along the deceipt. Tuku's birthday is not today. I had a nice chat with his manager after tonights glowing show at Jazz Alley, and she straightened me out. So we'll have another round of Tuku admiration on his real birthday, September 22.

His 9-piece band cut it up tonight, by the way. If you're in the Seattle area, I highly recommend catching him in the next few days. Only problem with Jazz Alley is the lack of dance floor. Some people danced in the back, but I danced sitting down, unwilling to relinquish my front-row seat. Such a sweet dilemma.
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