12 October 2006

Evil? Or just kind of exotic?

You've gotta hand it to those presidential speechwriters. Even when they're doing global culture a disservice by branding an entire nation or region as evil (Empire of Evil, Axis of Evil, etc.), they manage to spark new cottage industries.Literature from the Axis of Evil

Take W's "Axis of Evil," for example. We've already talked about the great compilation Lullabies from the Axis of Evil and related things. Now there's a book. Yes, for a mere $17 or so, you add to your evil culture collection the book "Literature from the 'Axis of Evil': Writing from Iran, Iraq, North Korea, and Other Enemy Nations." Edited by Alane Mason, the book Includes thirty-five works of fiction from seven countries--deemed
"enemy nations" by the American government, most of which have never
been translated into English.

Read subversive...

And while you're reading, check out another track from an evil nation. Azam Ali, of course, is the Iranian-born singer of Vas, as well as a successful solo artist. This is from her most recent album. Enjoy, evil lovers!

[mp3] Azam Ali: "In This Divide"
from Elysium for the Brave

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North korea is the new don