20 October 2006

Media Consolidation, KAOS, & You

Today is a special day. It's a celebration of sorts. You've read here about SoundRoots sister project Spin The Globe, a radio show broadcast on KAOS-fm in Olympia, WA, USA (and webcast globally).

Well, today's installment of Spin The Globe is part of the KAOS membership drive. Twice a year KAOS asks for support from listeners to help stay healthy and vibrant. It's about raising money, sure. But it's just as much about getting people to stand up and say

I support KAOS because I love the music (and news and public affairs). At a time when more and more media are conglomerated by huge corporations and fed a sanitized stream of music from some central headquarters, I find it valuable to have stations like KAOS airing local voices and independent music. Music in genres like 'world' and Hawaiian and experimental jazz and electronica and African. I value the live music and interviews I hear on shows like Spin The Globe, including recent appearances by Gamelan Degung Girijaya, Deobrat Mishra, Chirgilchin, Hejira, and Marta Topferova. And I value it enough to step up and become a listener-member.

Become a member. Pledge what you can, whether it's $20 or $2000. Nothing would make SoundRoots happier than to have some phone calls (or online pledges) come in from all over the world during Spin The Globe this morning.

The show starts in about 30 minutes, at 10:00 am Pacific Time. How to join?

Call 360-867-5267
or join online.


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