09 October 2006

Monday's mp3: Czech...Latin...Marta!

In the notes to her newest album, Latin chanteuse Marta Topferova sets the tone by quoting Hermann Hesse:

...Every man is more than just himself he also represents the unique, the very special and always significant and remarkable point in which the world's phenomena intersect, only once in this way and never again...

Perhaps its her way of explaining her unique musical and personal path, which has taken her from her Czech homeland, across Western Europe, finally landing in New York City where she now makes her home. Marta Topferova - Flor Nocturna cover

In a recent interview (on which, more soon...) Topferova described the visual inspiration of her music, using as an example this song, "Dia Lluvioso" on which she pairs her voice and cuatro with the marimba of Adam Cruz. With a more stripped-down sound than her previous album, La Marea (the Tide), Flor Nocturna achieves a delicious aural intimacy that perfectly suits the poetry of the lyrics. Have a listen.

[mp3] Marta Topferofa: "Dia Lluvioso"
from the album Flor Nocturna

Topferova is currently on tour. She starts a run at Seattle's Jazz Alley tomorrow (she went to high school in Seattle, by the way), and will be here in Olympia on Saturday. For more details see the SoundRoots calendar or Marta's website.

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