30 October 2006

Monday's mp3: Lament of the Igil

It was a fine evening for world music fans last night as Huun Huur Tu brought the sounds of the Tuvan steppe to Olympia. HHT are one of the pioneering groups of overtone singing, having toured the world extensively. This track is from their first album, when Albert Kuvezin was still part of HHT (he left after this album and formed the harder-edged Yat-Kha, who recently released a crazy CD of rock covers called Re-Covers).

An igil, by the way, is a fretless, bowed, two-stringed Tuvan instrument, something like a lute. Perfect for laments.

[mp3] Huun Huur Tu: "Sygyt: Lament of the Igil"
from the album 60 Horses in My Herd

Huun Huur Tu has a couple more Washington gigs before they move on to Colorado. View tour schedule. Here's a video of the group from the Philadelphia Folk Festival in August.

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