14 October 2006

More Tunes from the Axis of Evil

One more evil tidbit: I've created a playlist of tunes from the Axis of Evil at spintheglobemusic.net, and you see it, hear it (60 sec. samples), and learn more about the artists by simply clicking this link (will open in a new window):

Listen To Tunes from the Axis of Evil

This is a new feature SoundRoots may be using more to highlight certain albums or music with a theme, in addition to our regular mp3s of course. Feedback or future theme suggestions are most welcome.

Also, have I mentioned that our sibling radio show, Spin The Globe, now has a myspace site? Late to the party, sure, but it has already resulted in some interesting new connections with musicians around the globe. Check it out at myspace.com/spintheglobe

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