15 October 2006

New Pics: Marta Topferova Live, 14 October 2006

Some images from last night's performance by Marta Topferova and her trio in Olympia, WA, USA. With Marta were Pedro Giraudo on bass and vocals, and Adam Kilker on clarinets and flute. The concert, opened by Olympia group Ocho Pies, was the first of the JazzArts series at the Kenneth J. Minnaert Center for the Arts (next show is Pearl Django with Hot Club Sandwich on 27 January 2007).

The Marta Topferova Trio
Marta Topferova trio
Marta Topferova: vocals, cuatro, arrangements, bandleaderMarta Topferova
Pedro Giraudo, an amazing and attentive bass player (and NYC big band leader)
Pedro Giraudo
The trio once more
Marta Topferova trio in Olympia, WA
Marta's next stop is California. See her tour schedule.

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