25 October 2006

Sally Nyolo

The innovative Sally Nyolo has another album set for release in just a couple of weeks, and you can get a preview track at the link below. Advance word is that Studio Cameroon

tells the story of Sally's quest to explore and develop the local music scene. While searching for fresh talent, she set up a studio in a modest tin-roofed building: somewhere she could meet with other musicians in a relaxed environment. For Sally, it was very important to record here as she wanted to cumulate some of the sounds that had stayed with her since childhood: traditional expressions and instruments, songs from the church, market and around the town. She describes it as ‘magical music from small villages like the one where I was born'.

Nyolo, as you may know, joined up with Zap Mama in 1993, and later went her own way, producing some great solo albums including Beti and Multiculti. Her song "Tilma" (from Zaïone) was also featured on the compilation Drop The Debt, in remix form with Japanese group Shingo2 (sample mp3).

But enough links and blather. "Sokolo" is a promising hint of the new album, a call to dance to Afro-Latin rhythms (admittedly sounding more like Congo than her native Cameroon). Enjoy

[mp3] Orchestre D'Essono & Sally Nyolo: "Sokolo" -click here for album info and free mp3 download
from the forthcoming album Sally Nyolo and the Original Bands of Yaounde: Studio Cameroon
official release date: 07 November.

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