27 November 2006

On the Cover of the Rolling Stone...

Well, not quite on the cover. But SoundRoots has garnered a mention in the Nov. 30 issue of that warhorse of music publications, Rolling Stone. The column Site Specific uses a search for the music of Ali Farka Toure as a launching point to discuss sources for global sounds, including the new National Geographic music site, the sorely-in-need-of-an-update Awesome Tapes From Africa, and SoundRoots.

Curiously, RS calls SoundRoots an aggregator. Which leaves us puzzled. Sure we comment on and link to lots of articles, sites, and mp3s from around the Web. But our content is original and mostly exclusive to SoundRoots. Oh, well. While we're basking in our 15 minutes of fame, have a listen some African music. Consider it a publicity-driven Monday bonus.

Toumast may be riding the coattails of Tinariwen's global success, but their music stands on its own. The album Ishumar was released a few weeks ago, and you can catch two songs on toumast.com.

Ismael Lo has a new album out, called Senegal. Some critics are already giving it a lukewarm reception, and I admit I haven't had a good listen yet. More on that soon; in the meantime here are some older songs from Ismael Lo for your enjoyment.

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Brian Shimkovitz said...

I am happy to report awesome tapes from africa has been updated!

Thanks for reading/listening...