11 December 2006

Monday's mp3: World Christmas, Hold the Carols

It's still early enough in the "Christmas season" that I'm not yet over-saturated with carols and such, though a couple recent shopping trips have begun the saturation process.

I've been playing some carols on guitar, which has given them a bit of new freshness. Don't expect to hear mp3s of my guitar work any time soon, however. And don't expect any cheesy world cover songs of standard carols here on SoundRoots. No, today's offering is the kind of music I'll be listening to when the insipid drone of happy carols drives me out of public places for the rest of the month.

As with pop music, the sacred music you might hear on mainstream radio is so very limited. It doesn't touch the wide scope of sacred music around the world...even if we're just talking about Christian sacred music, as these two tracks show.

Just picture me in my comfy chair next to the warm flame of the pellet stove, listening contentedly, far from the Muzak strains of Frosty the Snowman...

[mp3] Iren Lovasz "Alle-alleluja"
from the album Cloud-doors
Yet more: Two complete Lavasz albums are available for free download on the site of the Gâyan Uttejak Society. The albums are Rosebuds In A Stoneyard and Világfa. Enjoy!

[mp3] The Svetilen Ensemble of Folklore Spiritual Music "Triumph, O Patriarchs!"
from the album My Soul, Rise Up! [additional samples from this album: mp3, mp3, mp3, mp3]

By the way, you can stop fretting over SoundRoots reader Enik. Some time back we posted his desperate query about a long-lost Caribbean flavored song about his favorite beverage. Turns out the song "Mi Cahfi" by The Jamaican Folk Singers was in his vinyl library the whole time, and he's now posted it on his blog Timedoor for all to enjoy.

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