01 January 2007

Monday's mp3: All You Can Eat

It's a world music buffet today, as we clean out the accumulated files, bookmarks, and emails of 2006. If you don't know where to start, try Gothart (under Europe) -- my favorite new discovery of the lot.

The photo, by the way, shows how I spent my New Year's Eve -- parading around the streets with the boisterous sambistas known as Samba Olywa. A good time was had by all, even the surprised downtown diners and drivers.

Issa Bagayogo: "Sisi"
Wanlov: "In Ghana"
Lekan "Azeez" Oduntan: "Life Experiences" [about]
Dafra Percussion: "Hot Dancing"
X Plastaz : "Nini dhambi kwa mwenye dhiki"
Daara J: "Boomerang"
FESO: "Dzoka Kumusha"
Emmanual Jal: "War Child"
Konono No. 1: ""Ditshe Tshiekutala"
Nana Osibio: "Kwe Mohami" [info]
Mounir Alby: "Masaken-Shaabeya"
Zimbabwe Legit: "Brothers from the Mother"
Yawo: "Ayelevi No"
Sounds of Salone, Sierra Leone: "Kamabayo 1" [more]

Sergio Mendes (feat. Black Eyed Peas): "Mas Que Nada"
Orishas: "A Lo Cubano"
Tanya Tagaq Gillis feat. Bjork: "Ancestors"
Chris Berry & Panjea: "Why Do We"
Caetano Veloso: ""Circulado de Fulo"
Yemanja: "Santa Elisa"
Tom Ze: "Curiosidade [Amon Tobin remix]"
Job Matusow: "A Song Without Words"
Tlen Huicani: "La Bruja"
Cabruêra: "Forro Esferografco"
Cordero: "La Piedra"
Michelle Dominguez Greene: "Oro Herrumbre y Lagrimas" [info]
Skatalites: "After the Rain"

Boris Kovac & Ladaaba Orkestar: "Tango Apocolypso"
Fanfare Ciocarlia: "Ciocarlia"
Gothart: "Pustono ludo i mlado" [info]
Bellowhead: "Fire Marengo" [info]
Svetilen: "From East to West"
Balkan Babes: "Sabrali Sa"
Salsa Loca: "El Amor de mis Sueños" [info]
Tenores di Bitti: ""Muttos" [about]
Dobranotch: "Khodili devki"
Antwerp Gipsy Ska Orchestra: "Bubamara" [info]
Vocal Quartet of Raifa Holy Virgin Monastery: "It Is Meet"
Ljiljana Buttler & Mostar Sevdah Reunion: "Niska Banja"

Middle Eastern
Shabava: "Lullaby" [about]
Anouar Brahem: "Nuba"
Latif Bolat: "Gul"
Kaazim Zareb: "Naseet"
Raquy and the Cavemen: "Dalia" [info]
Sharq Arabic Music Ensemble: "Longa Hijaz Kar Kurd" [info]
Natacha Atlas: "The Simple Heart"
Kazem al-Saher: "Esh Jabrak 'Ala Elmorr"

Huun Huur Tu: "Oske Cherde (live)"
On Ensemble with Patrick Graham: "Kamakura Bounce" [more]
Ca Dao: "Vietnamese Folk Poems"
Chirgilchin: "Khoomeige Yoreel"
Indonesia: "Ketjak: The Ramayana Monkey Chant"
experimental vocal songs by Tuvan singer Sainkho Namtchylak: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Rubinchik's Yiddish Ensemble: "Di Tartar Tanz"
Golem: "Odessa"
Socalled with David Krakauer: "Who Knows One?"
Elisete: "Shalom Dicaon" [info]
Angelika: "Begamunam"
Cantor Moshe Bazian: "V'harev Noh" [more]
Black Ox Orkestar: "toyte goyes in shineln"

unknown: "Sufi Meditation Song"
Sami Yusef: "Allahu" [more]
Soldiers of Allah: "Political Manipulation"
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: "Munadjaat - Naman Behuda Girdhe"
Kani Karaca: "Saba Makamında Ezan" [more]

Now we've done the "out with the old" we turn our ears toward new tunes. Send your recommendations, or leave a comment with suggestions. And Happy New Year! Here's to a 2007 full of great global music, and a community to support it!


Anonymous said...

Lovely blog. For a refreshing change, here's some amateur music to add to the mix: So Now Look, A Documentary

Anonymous said...

one of my favorite blogs out there. Beautiful, what you're doing. The u.s. is so cloistered musically from the rest of the globe -- there's so much out there besides american pop and rock, and you do a lot to make that known.