05 February 2007

Monday's mp3: The Bells! The Bells!

World Sacred Music FestivalImage by dreamsjung via Flickr
With a head still full of great sounds from yesterday's World Sacred Music Festival, my offering today follows that theme. Jugalbandi Trio plays music rooted in the ragas of North India, but spiced with a European/jazz sensibility. Suman Sarkar's tabla sets the atmosphere for their compositions. Fabian Fiorini's piano is probably the most improvisational element. And Fabian Beghin's bansuri (transverse bamboo flute) weaves melodic lines atop them.

On this track--probably my favorite from this album--Beghin puts down the flute and instead plays bells. The unusual combination of bells with tabla works remarkably well, to my ear.

[mp3] Jugalbandi Trio: "Raga Bageshree"
from the album Doab (2005, Home Records)

sample the entire album online at the Home Records website.

A Home compilation available for download at Calabash includes another track from Jugalbandi Trio, along with music from Turlu Tursu and others (click to hear):
Homerecords - Volume One

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