12 February 2007

Monday's mp3: Garifuna Soul

Yesterday's post on Andy Palacio did not (thankfully!) purge Garifuna music from my brain. Indeed, the anticipation of his tour in the fall and the impending visit of Aurelio Martinez this spring are wedging more of this unique music into my cranial nooks. So here's one of the most catchy tunes from Martinez's 2004 album, Garifuna Soul (available on CDbaby or via Stonetree Records - Spin The Globe album review). The lyrics translate thusly:

If I told you about the pain in my heart,
what would become of me
I would be tied
I would be tied up and taken to the prison
My child, because I am not prepared, I do not deserve it
Because I am not well read, I do not deserve it
I do not deserve it so they gossip about me
I will not say a word, my child, lest I be the guilty one
I will not say a word lest I be the guilty one
The newspapers, I will die and leave all of this behind

[mp3] Aurelio Martinez: "Tagarigu Nanigi"
from the album Garifuna Soul
Listen to more of Garifuna Soul (at Calabash)

Aurelio Martinez's 2007 tour dates include Austin, Brooklyn, Seattle, and San Francisco in April and May.

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