08 February 2007

Welcome to Bolivia...

Location of BoliviaImage via Wikipedia"Bolivia is by far the poorest country in South America." Thus begins the narration for this high-quality, slow-loading, big-hearted video called "Bolivian Rhapsody."

One musician and a small production crew went to Bolivia hoping to create something that could provide help for the poor of Bolivia. In the end, the warm hearts and rich culture of the Bolivian people wound up giving them more then they could ever hope to give in return.

If you're the patient type, you can watch the film here. There's also an equally slow-loading but shorter "Bolivian Rhapsody Jazz Battle." Me, I'm still waiting for them to finish loading.

What I've gleaned in the meantime is that a film/audio crew went to Bolivia to record, with the hopes of selling the recordings to help fund the charity CECASEM, a nonprofit that works on health, infrastructure, and agriculture in the Andes. More on the group (in Spanish) here.

The crew were: Ronald Trijber, sound/mixes, Mike Del Ferro, piano/arrangements, Jan Anno Boonstra, camera/photography, Mike van Veen, camera/candlelight, and Katja Trijber, direction/editing.

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