19 March 2007

Monday's mp3: Alt Latin Police

Six Degrees Records have made a big name for themselves over the 10 years since their founding. And they're not above saying so themselves. In a press release that labels the major record companies as "dinosaurs," Six Degrees notes that they are among the independent labels "that have found a way to adapt to the music world's changing climate" like, say "the nimble little critters running around the dinosaurs' feet."

Some of their artists/releases veer a little too much into the modern, forsaking roots for electronic sleight of hand, but their roster still boasts some of our favorites, including Bobi Cespedes, Ojos de Brujo, and Zuco 103.

Now, to celebrate ten years of "producing good music in bad times," Six Degrees has released one of the most distinctive cover albums of the year. Backspin includes Niyaz doing The Cure's "Love Song," Bombay Dub Orchestra covering "Get Carter Theme," and Ojos de Brujo inspired interpretation of Marley's "Get Up Stand Up." Two Police songs are covered: "Spirits in the Material World" gets some phat new beats in the hands of Karsh Kale. And then there's this raucous cumbia-fication perpetrated by our favorite Latin band from down San Francisco way.

[mp3] Los Mocosos: "The Bed's Too Big without You"
from Backspin
hear samples of all tracks here

So what are those little critters running circles around the dinosaurs' feet, anyway? Rats? Chickens? Poodles? Cockroaches? Kiwis?

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