17 March 2007

Sound o' the Green

I'm off to a conference today, which works out since the forecast is for rain. But I can't leave without a St. Paddy's Day audio greeting, in the form of a tune from one of my favorite Irish groups that doesn't cater to Irish music stereotypes.

The CD notes have the extensive Irish lyrics transcribed nicely, but no explanation in a language my Irish ancestors' descendants can understand. So suffice to say I like the rhythm and feel of the whole thing.

So go get yourself a bowl of rice crispies with green milk, or green beer, or look for shamrocks in the spring weeds, or whatever else you might do to observe the day a man named Maewyn died. Just leave the snakes alone.

[mp3] Kila: "Tine Lasta"
from Lemonade and Buns

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot, for this discovery
i like very much his flow and his musicality !


i need to find this album, named "Lemonade and Buns"

bye bye