21 March 2007

World Music Top 10 - March 2007

SoundRoots / Spin The Globe
Top 10
World Music Albums - March 2007

1. Andy Palacio & The Garifuna Collective:
Watina (review)

2. Autorickshaw:
So the Journey Goes
3. Ojos de Brujo:
4. Vusi Mahlasela:
Guiding Star
5. Vieux Farka Toure:
Vieux Farka Toure
6. Antibalas:
Various Artists: Merdeka
8. Samba Squad:
9. Forro in the Dark:
Bonfires of Sao Joao
10. Tinariwen:
Aman Iman/Water Is Life

World Music News & Such
In February, Ozomatli was the first Western band to perform in Nepal. Their performance there was on the recommendation of Deputy Director of the American Embassy in Kathmandu
Sharon Hudson Dean, who said "the band reached up to half the population of Nepal through the media with the message of "Unity in Diversity" at a time when some ethnic groups are pushing violent separatist agendas.” The theme of Unity in Diversity celebrates the newly ratified peace accord in Nepal. Ozomatli members met with youth leaders in Kathmandu to discuss creative, nonviolent change. Ozomatli sax player Ulises Bella said of the Nepal trip: “Life changing and mind blowing are cliches that are too often thrown around, but what else is there to describe a trip to India and Nepal... the opportunity to perform for these audiences, whether it was in the concert halls or orphanages, is a gift that we as group will always cherish in a very deep chamber of our collective souls.” Ozomatli's new album “Don’t Mess With The Dragon” hits US streets April 3rd.

We've mentioned Israel's Boom Pam previously; just found this video of "Hatul VeHatula." Big fun.

We offer no comment on the video game "Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children" beyond their own words: "Guide your tribe as they rescue a group of lost children. Help your villagers become farmers, builders, scientists and parents while uncovering the mysteries of the island natives in this engrossing simulation game! Full Version Advantages: Unlimited, unrestricted gameplay; Raise kids who resemble their parents; Care for the sick in a tropical hospital; Watch your villagers thrive and grow old; Explore the new western shore of Isola."

And yes, a little music for you -- a high-energy, positive message tune from the second album by reggae/rock band J-san & the Analogue Sons.

[mp3] J-san & the Analogue Sons: "Freedom Sound"
from the album SoundResistance


Anonymous said...

J-san & the Analogue sons bringing the positive rebel sounds!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! some new sounds!! This J-san stuff is all the right stuff and tough as nails!!Positive lyrics and revolution vibes-

Anonymous said...

More J-SAN!!!! FIRE!!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for turning me on to J-san!!!