21 April 2007

Covering the World

Yesterday's Spin The Globe radio show featuring world music cover songs was a blast to assemble, but of course I couldn't get everything into the mere two hours allotted. So after you listen to the show, here's a bonus track that didn't get aired.

This one is a cover of a less well known Bob Marley tune by Maori artist Hareruia "Ruia" Aperahama, who performs solo and with twin Ranea. The album is apparently no longer in print, as it's disappeared from the usually well-stocked site maorimusic.com -- you can, however, still get his 2004 album Hawaiki. And Calabash has samples of five Ruia & Ranea tunes.

[mp3] Ruia: Koingo Atu Nei Kia Koe (Waiting In Vain)
from the album Waiata of Bob Marley 2

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