02 April 2007

Monday's mp3: Sambodromo

What might compel a group of Germans to incorporate Brazilian rhythms into their music, and sing primarily in English? We don't know, but we find a lot to like in the tunes of Hamburg-based Sambodromo. The album name translates as "Departure," an accurate reflection of the distance between Sambodromo and any other music we've heard coming from the area.

Actually, the group's origins aren't such a mystery; they're explained in some detail on the band's website. Sambodromo originated in 1993 as a high-school percussion ensemble, and eventually evolved into the bateria-backed pop/rock band heard on this 2003 album.

This song is a response to the 9-11 attacks and counter-attacks, and its lyrics examine revenge, lies, moral certainty, and the need to "get the dust out of our blinded eyes." All with singing cuica, funky guitar, and their trademark percussion. A message you can dance to, and one that hasn't grown less relevant in the four years since it was recorded.

[mp3] Sambodromo I.T.N.O (In The Name Of...)
from the album Abfahrt!

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