14 May 2007

Monday's mp3: Die, Cowboy, Die

Don't have much time to write tonight. Heck, I'm barely making this a Monday mp3 entry and not a Tuesday mp3 (which simply wouldn't do...). But I wanted to spread the word that one of my favorite LA "Alt Latin" bands has come out with another feisty record.

I've yet to fully explore it; I've run through today's track and the 30-second refrain from Woody Guthrie's poem "Deportee" (popularized by Pete Seeger). I can't wait to hear the story behind "Breast Pump Waltz," a brief lullaby featuring the mechanical rhythms of this particular maternal machinery. But I don't have time to digress so. The band's website sums up their history:
In the early nineties, in a tiny cafe on the outskirts of Little Tokyo Los Angeles, Quetzal Flores, a son of two community organizers, formed Quetzal - A new experience in Chicano Music. His goal was to push the boundaries of Chicano Music as we knew it.

[mp3] Quetzal: Migra

from the album Die, Cowboy, Die

By the way, a belated Happy Mothers Day to all you mamas out there!

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