30 May 2007

World Music News...

A few random gatherings for you today.

Item 1:Manu Chao is currently on tour in the USA, and has a new album coming in September. for an advance preview, head over to manuchao.net, where you can download (for free!) Manu Chao's single "Rainin in Paradize"

Item 2: Speaking of free downloads, you can nab (also free) the single "Meet Me in the Old Marketplace" from Frank London's "A Night in the Old Marketplace" for a limited time at soundbrushexclusive.com

Item 3: Got an email from Will, touting his new site buzzcaster.com, which is trying to do for blogged music videos what hype machine does for blogged mp3s. It appears to be geared toward pop and rock; my searches for some big-name world music stars came up empty, with the exception of one hit for Youssou N'Dour and one for Fela Kuti. I like the odd video now and then, but I've seen too many blogs overrun with youtube, so rest assured that the focus here at SoundRoots will remain on the music.

Item 4: If you want to check out some of the videos not on buzzcaster, try the African Music Videos site. There you can find hundreds of videos from the likes of Youssou N'Dour, Lagbaja, and Malouma. Most of them lead back to youtube, but hey -- it's all neatly organized by country and artist, so it's well worth checking out.

Item 5: The basement sink overflowed with washing- machine water today, and the culprit was a dead mouse that had gotten stuck in the drain. But wait, that's not really world-music related. Strike that.

Actual Item 5: I mentioned this earlier, but it bears repeating because it sounds so darned cool, and there's still space left: Devan Miller of tuvatrader.com is taking a group of cultural adventurers for a two-week tour of Tuva this summer. "The tour," he writes, "will center on the annual Ustuu-Khuree Festival of Alive Music which embodies all aspects of the vibrant Tuvan culture. ... We will also visit a number of other beautiful natural landscapes and cultural sites of Tuva along the way." More info

Item 6: Finally, this one is for Sundus, who issued a heartwrenching plea for a repost of the out-of-print duet between Singapore stars Dick Lee and Jacintha. It'll be up only a short time, so check it out.

[mp3] Dick Lee with Jacintha: Mustapha
from the album The Mad Chinaman
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