28 June 2007

Hugh Masekela - Live CD, on Tour

Hugh Masekela: Live at the Market Theatre (CD Review)
Times Square Records
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Johannesburg's Market Theatre has its roots in liberation theater, and from its stage have come many of South Africa's great musicians, playwrights, and actors. Hugh Masekela's Sarafina began there, and for the theater's 30th anniversary party, the world-renowned vocalist-fluglehornist graced the stage with a performance that is preserved on this two-CD set.

Masekela performs some of his best-loved and most powerful pieces, including "Stimela," "Mandela," "and "Up Township." Anyone who's seen Masekela live knows how he can relax into a piece, and here you get him unabridged, stretching some songs to 15 minutes or more. From his laid-back love song "Market Place" (including a bad joke about the South African space program) to his cover of Fela Kuti's "Lady," Masekela is in top form on this album. He's also touring the US in July and August 2007, so go see this legendary artist live.

[mp3] Hugh Masekela: Mandela


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Years ago I had some flugelhorn records from Masekela. This song is very powerful.