18 June 2007

Monday's mp3: I Feel Cold

Obo Addy can rightly be described as a world music elder. He came to the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, then Portland) to teach some 40 years ago, and has stuck around. Though his touring schedule seems to have cooled off these days, he still performs (his two groups are Okropong, dedicated to traditional tribalObo Addy & Kukrudu- Let Me Play My Drums CD cover music and dance of Ghana, and Kukrudu, which performs original music written by Addy). Addy and his wife also founded Homowo African Arts and Cultures.

In short, he's a good guy to know. This song is from an album released in 1990, and still available on CDbaby or via Addy's website. Initially I was going to post the song "I Feel Cold," since it seems to accurately reflect the slow coming of spring this year in the Pacific Northwest. But it's kind of slow and somber; I chose something hotter and spicier instead. The album notes say: "This song is adapted from Ewe traditional music. The accompanying dance can be compared to modern breakdancing."

[mp3] Obo Addy & Kukrudu: Gota
from the album Let Me Play My Drums


Anonymous said...

This is cool music. A Fela Kuti rhythm section, some Zawinul synths over it, and of course this energetic drumming. Really nice.

alonsii said...

Very nice place. I put a link in my 1000 thousand music's tree.