25 June 2007

Monday's mp3: Palestinian Ecstasy

Despite my voracious musical appetites, I don't get to taste a lot of music from Palestine. Could it be that Palestinians are preoccupied with other issues more pressing than recording music? I won't wade into the mire of Middle Eastern politics here. Suffice to say that I love music of the Middle East without regard for boundaries. And I'm please to see that some far-thinking people see music as a way to heal divided communities.

In that spirit, I offer today's selection. It's from a 1999 CD that follows a couple through their families' agreement to their marriage, through various wedding traditions (convoying the bride, a bracelet-chiming dance, painting hands and feet with henna, a bachelor party, and finally the wedding).

This song is early in the process, "the two lovers dancing with friends, after both families agreed to the wedding." The term "zaghareed," by the way, means "ululations," and this song doesn't disappoint on that account.

You whose hair flows gracefully over your garments;
From the day you left me, sleep has evaded me;
From the moment you deserted me, my eyes have wept incessantly;
Oh, your beautiful cheeks buoy about.

[mp3] El-Funoun: Initiation of Ecstasy
from the album Zaghareed

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