23 July 2007

Monday's mp3: Le Fuzz de Canada

I've been paying a lot of attention to Canada of late. Yes, a good part of that was the CBC coverage of the U-20 World Cup. Not much good soccer on US TV (at least on the minimal cable setup I've got), so if I have to watch "foreign" stations, so be it.

But aside from congratulating all you Argentina fans out there, I wasn't intending to talk about soccer today. No, the Canada connection du jour is musical, and comes under the name Le Fuzz.

Their just-released album consists of 11 rather eclectic tracks, starting with the Nicaraguan folk song "Banana," ending with the peace-mongering song "Quoi t'as l'ar?" and betwen them visiting cultures as diverse as France, Russia, Spain, Mexico, and Cuba. They sound like some crazy lost Latin-Cajun-Gypsy tribe that isn't afraid to party. Great to hear such spicy folk-roots music coming from up north. Give 'em a listen:

[mp3] Le Fuzz: Un Son Para Mi Pueblo
[mp3] Le Fuzz: Doomila
all from the album Vie la Vida!

At present, you can download two additional tunes (Banana and Brule) from the Le Fuzz myspace. There must be a way to buy their album, but no link is apparent on their website or myspace (hint to band: make more money! make it easy to buy your CD!).

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